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Fundraising FAQs

Get answers to the most common questions fielded by our team.

Yes. There are several letters that the Mass General Development Office can provide. However, please note that we are unable to provide tax receipts for any gifts or contributions that are not received or made payable directly to Massachusetts General Hospital or via your BeCause online fundraising page. Documents that we can provide are:

  • Mass General Community Fundraising confirmation letters to be used to validate the authenticity of your fundraiser and its organizers.
  • Acknowledgement letters and tax receipts for contributions made payable directly to Massachusetts General Hospital.

We encourage you to send your own personal thank you letters to your network.


Yes. The Mass General name and “Benefiting Massachusetts General Hospital” logo may be used in conjunction with your fundraiser. Please contact the Mass General Community Fundraising Office to obtain electronic files. Prior to use, please be sure to submit for approval all materials on which you would like the Mass General name and “benefiting” logo to appear.

Yes. As soon as you set up your BeCause online fundraising page, we are happy to help promote your endeavor to the Mass General community. We’ll include your fundraiser on our online events calendar, list it in our monthly e-newsletter, and promote it on Mass General’s social media accounts (subject to availability).

No. We cannot provide mailing lists of donors, physicians, staff or vendors. We have made a commitment to our donors and patients to keep their personal information private.

No. We cannot solicit corporate sponsors/celebrity appearances for your fundraiser.

The Mass General events staff will be able to provide guidance. However, due to staff and time constraints, we are unable to manage your fundraiser for you. We recommend that you form a committee of friends, family and other people in your network who are excited about your cause. They will provide support throughout your planning and during your fundraiser.

Mass General values the dedication and commitment of its employees. In response to increased employee interest in fundraising for the hospital, the Mass General Development Office and senior hospital leadership have created a policy to guide employees as they plan fundraisers. Please read the new Fundraising by Employees and Community Groups policy to see what guidelines and procedures need to be followed throughout your fundraising efforts. In addition, please also consider the No Solicitation and No Distribution Policy. Please note you must be logged into the Partners system to view these documents.

While a thoughtful gesture, Mass General does not consider offsetting medical bills philanthropy and, unfortunately, the Mass General Development Office cannot support these efforts. Please visit Mass General’s billing and insurance website for more information about financial assistance and resources.

Yes. Raffles and auctions are a great way to raise money. But, Massachusetts has strict regulations governing raffles and gaming events carried out for charitable purposes. You can obtain more information about the rules governing raffles and “games of chance” in Massachusetts here.

No. Mass General cannot provide our tax-exempt number to event organizers to make purchases related to their event. However, if a business makes a donation to the event and would like the tax-exempt number for tax purposes or to verify the tax status of Mass General, we will provide the tax identification number to that business upon request.

Event organizers are responsible for covering all event-related expenses and cannot be reimbursed. Your event costs can be deducted from the funds raised prior to sending the donation to Mass General.

Yes. Please be sure to inform the Mass General Community Fundraising Office of this in your registration form. If there is more than one beneficiary, please clearly state the percentage of the proceeds that will benefit Mass General on all advertising, promotional and print materials.

The best, most secure and easiest way to collect donations is to set up your BeCause online fundraising page. If you receive donations in other forms, please handle them as follows:

Checks: Please have all checks made payable to Massachusetts General Hospital and be sure to reference the name of your fundraiser on the memo line. Please mail to:

Mass General Community Fundraising
c/o Mass General Development Office
125 Nashua Street Suite 540
Boston, MA 02114

Cash: Please deliver cash to the Mass General Community Fundraising Development Office with a note indicating the amount included and name of your fundraiser.

Please mail or hand-deliver all net proceeds within 60 days of the completion of your fundraiser to:

Massachusetts General Hospital Development Office
125 Nashua Street, Suite 540
Boston, MA, 02114

The Mass General Community Fundraising Office is available to offer advice and expertise while you plan your fundraiser. Send us a message at or call us at 617.726.2200.

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